© Judith Egger
© Judith Egger
Soho in Ottakring (A - Vienna)
Ula Schneider
Brunnengasse 68/9
A - 1160 Wien
Mail: ula.schneideratsohoinottakring.at, contactatsohoinottakring.at

soho in ottakring

1. truck stop Vienna: 19 until 22 May 2007

The programme will concentrate on the past, the present and future situation within the projected field. It will also be part of the urban art project and art festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING (http://www.sohoinottakring.at). It will take place in public space on a square called Yppenplatz which is part of the 16th district of Vienna called Ottakring.

Ottakring has traditionally been a marginalized working class area. Ottakring stretches from the city beltway to the Vienna woods in the western part of the city.
In the sixties of the last century the economic boom had been supported by workers who were recruited from Yugoslavia and from Turkey. Most of these workers and later on their families settled in lower class areas such as Ottakring.
Here poor housing is still an issue today.
Main attraction of the quarter called Brunnenviertel, in which the urban art festival SOHO IN OTTAKRING takes place, is an every day street market where predominantly Turkish migrants sell fruit and vegetables.

open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions
The first stop of the project will concentrate on this community and it's specific cultural life. Participants will be, among others, migrant offspring (second and third generation) raised in Vienna. There will also be close cooperation with artists and local institutions such as schools, youth centers, and cultural associations.

The programme arising from these cooperations will range from music and dance to film and participatory art projects, such as:
  • A street magazine called Art in Migration will be produced and distributed before and during the project in the local quarters as well as around the city. It will also travel to the other stops of open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions and be distributed there.
    It will be used as a media to inform about the project as well as about subjects discussed and related to the project.
  • A literature programme will be presented.
    To make it more easy and pleasurable readings will be combined with music fitting to the age and ethnic heritage of the author. Gender balance is of great importance.

    The choice of literature will concentrate on subjects concerning the overall project. There will be a possibility to have readings in different languages too. Authors will be of different generations, there will be a mixture of local, regional, professional, non-professional authors with migrant backround and/ or reflecting on subjects such as political and economic exclusion, strategies of opposition.
  • A group of musicians with diverse musical backround will perform in five different settings during the festival. The audience will have the possibility to choose among transcultural sounds.
  • There will be a close cooperation with community tv in Vienna.

Residency in Liverpool
The writer, artist and journalist Obiora Charles Ofoedu from Vienna will research and write about slave trade in Liverpool. "Liverpool was the slaving capital of the world by the late 18th century. Much of the wealth of Liverpool was based on profits of the slave trade", says David Flemming, the director of the Slave Trade Museum.
This Nigerian born writer will reflect on issues concerning past slavery and racism in reference to contemporary slavery.

Another artist and performer, Edgar Lliuya, who is in residency in the Villa Waldberta from January until March 2007, will be the travelling artist from Vienna to Prague.