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© Judith Egger
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2. truck stop Prague: 25 until 26 May 2007

Czech-Vietnamese Arts Forum

The multicultural project BEHIND THE MARKET (ZA TRŽNICÍ) began in January and will run until May of this year. The aim of the project is to establish contact with the Vietnamese community currently living and thriving in the Czech Republic. The project will conclude during the '4 + 4 Days in Motion' Festival at the Holešovice Market (Holešovická trznice) on 25 and 26 May 2007, as a part of the Czech presentation during the European migration project - 'open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions'.

The BEHIND THE MARKET project is an attempt to draw an awareness to the poignant situation and those issues that pertain directly to the identity of migrants who have brought their culture to a different environment and have been forced to assimilate into that foreign environment. At the same time, the project will try to contribute to a greater knowledge of this particular issue and a greater tolerance of the Czech society that is inclined towards racism and xenophobia.

The project arose in collaboration with the Theatre Institute, one of the 4 main partners of the 'open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions' project, supported by the European Union Culture 2000 Programme. The project will be realized by the Mamapapa organization, who has been working on the concept of the community of art for the past 6 years. For this project, Mamapapa is working with the Hanoi Klub, an organization promoting Vietnam and the Vietnamese culture in the Czech Republic, and the Centre for the Studies of Migration, established in 2004 at the Catholic Faculty of Theology Charles University.

The project BEHIND THE MARKET is divided into three parts. During the first part of the project, the organizers will invest time and energy into the research and acquisition of contacts of experts working in the field of sociology, cultural history, economy and law, and also conduct a study of the Holešovice Market (Holešovická trznice). The second part of the project will take place in April and will include four one-week workshops: "Behind the Market - Through the Eyes of the Locals" - the marketplace will become an art installation of people who live and work in the location, and how they particularly see their own world. "The Market - a Collage of Materials" - is a workshop that plays with the tradition of Asian costume and the current situation of the eccentric fashion apparel - utilizing materials found in the market to create the designs. "Double Dealing - Intimacy and Mysticism" - a creative dramatic workshop stemming from the narrative tradition of Vietnam whose historical myths and legends, a special project created specifically for the Vietnamese and Czech children and their families. "Clipped Tones" - a musical workshop focusing on the tradition of the Vietnamese instruments, their creations and acoustic or electronic experimentation using other media (CD, DVD, cassettes) taken from the counters of the merchants - the ultimate result will be a unique musical composition.

The workshops aim toward creating a common theatre, dance and musical performance that will include a public presentation and exhibit installation during the '4 + 4 Days in Motion' Festival. Documentation taken over the course of the project will be used to create a travelling photo exhibition that will travel to various other locations. Each evening of the festival will have a particular theme, and two of these evenings will include an audio recording of the musical workshop, a Karaoke Star contest and a concert of a Vietnamese musical group. During the accompanying festival events, films containing a Vietnamese theme will be screened, as well as a discussion forum addressing the problems of migration and immigration will also be a part of the program.

Complete information will gradually be available at: www.mamapapa.cz
Other links: www.klubhanoi.cz, www.divadlo.cz