© Judith Egger
© Judith Egger
Cola Production (F - Marseilles)
"Africa Fête"
Cécile Rata
Friche Belle de Mai 41 rue Jobin
F - 13003 Marseille
Tel/Fax: +334 95 04 96 36
Mail : colaproductionatfree.fr; cecile.rataatfree.fr
africa fete
special truck stop Arles: 20 and 21 June 2007

4. truck stop Marseilles: 30 June 2007

Africa Fête

Africa Fête is a label founded by Mamadou Konté, and is based in Dakar (Senegal) as well as in Marseilles (France), and represents young musical African talents. Africa Fête has taken care of many African artists' careers and raised them to well-known names such as Salif Keïta, Youssou Ndour, Manu Dibango, Angélique Kidjo, Touré Kounda, Positive Black Soul ...

Originally, Mamadou Konté's goal was to get committed to some political concerns about African migration in France. Therefore, he founded the Africa Fête Festival in Paris, in 1978, and exported it to the US in the 90's, with the collaboration of the label Island Records. With such a success, Mamadou Konté took the decision to go back home, and settle in Dakar, where he's still living. Today, Africa Fête is in charge of the management of young African groups, organising concerts, producing Africa Fête Festival every year in December in Senegal.

Africa Fête Marseilles Festival

In 2002, Cola Production was created in Marseilles to promote the activities of Africa Fête in Europe. Cola Production is responsible for Africa Fête Festival taking place in the city of Marseilles during the month of June. The association also deals with the tours throughout Europe, the production of albums and concerts, the workshops and the setting up of an important network gathering African and European partners, to highlight cultural diversity.
Africa Fête Marseilles Festival will take place in June 30 2007, in Friche la Belle de Mai - an old factory where artists have taken up residence. During the Festival, concerts of groups from Africa and its diaspora are displayed, with a village of local and community associations.

Cécile Rata, the founder of Cola Production and the festival Africa Fête in Marseilles, has been working with Mamadou Konté since 2001, and she is involved in the project of African Export Music Office.