© Judith Egger
© Judith Egger
Metal Culture (UK - Liverpool)
Ian Brownbill, Ceri Hand
6 Clare Terrace, Marmaduke
UK - Liverpool L7 1PB
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (151) 261 0514
Fax: +44 (151) 261 0514
Email: Ianatmetalculture.com, Ceriatmetalculture.com

3. truck stop Liverpool: 9 until 10 June 2007

Metal is an artist's laboratory founded by Jude Kelly OBE to create space for artists and thinkers to develop their ideas and further the philosophy of their work.

Using a process of community leadership, cultural exchange, creative activity, education and social enterprise Metal is skilled at developing new partnerships and alliances of diverse stakeholders to re-invigorate spaces, energies and opportunities - social, economic and cultural - within a neighbourhood. We believe that building new investments of ideas, participation and finance that grow from the neighbourhood and are nurtured to reach an audience across the UK and overseas can be a catalyst for change and excitement that transforms places both galvanises people. We are committed to this process of placing culture within the regeneration of Kensington a district in the city of Liverpool.

Over the last 24 months we have been working from a house in Kensington demonstrating how this concept, and our commitment and energy can contribute to an area, bringing new activities, ambitions, opportunities and skills, and re-integrating a previously unused space into an active and vibrant life within the community.

The Metal House now attracts visitors from around Liverpool, the UK and the world, and presents a positive and creative experience of the area.

In addition, Metal has just secured a lease on the buildings at the historic, Edge Hill Railway Station. Metal intends to transform these station buildings from disused, forgotten spaces and bring them back into a creative life that unites the arts, culture, heritage and community.