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Cosmos of Culture (GR - Athens)
Multicultural Center of Arts and Culture
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cosmos of culture

Virtual truck stop Athens: 29 September until 13 October 2007
photo and paintings exhibition

Cosmos of Culture

"Cosmos of Culture", cultural non profit organization, was founded in 2002. Its aim is cultural, educational, social emphasizing in peaceful co-existence without discriminations and with respect in human rights.

Especially through its actions: a) it promotes Cultures from all over the world and new means of expression and creation in Greece and Europe and b) it presents contemporary expressions of the Greek Culture in citizens of other countries and in Greeks from abroad.
The activities that Cosmos of Culture develops move in three main directions:

1. From the 1-11-2004 we have created and we operate the multicultural center of the organization, where we materialize exhibitions, seminars, workshops, music nights and numerous cultural events also in co-operation with other organizations.
2. We support and present the creations of youth and migrants and in general of people who do not have access, way and place to exhibit their work.

This is a certain activity that concerns: a) research for the African culture and contemporary creation, b) events dedicated for their promotion through Greece to Europe, c) co-operation with contemporary African Creators in order to promote their work and d) information and action for the sensitive social issues.

We organize a) seminars with subjects that concern Culture, Arts, Human Rights and NGOs, b) Art Workshops with specific issues and c) special cultural seminars which are addressed to citizens of other countries and in Greeks from abroad and are mainly for the Greek contemporary Culture.

1. We operate an electronic gallery were we promote the artists who co-operate with Cosmos of Culture.

Regarding our activities:
  • We organize special Cultural Seminars, promoting the contemporary image of the Greek Culture which address Greeks from abroad and citizens of foreign countries, who come to Greece in order to attend them. These seminars are held both in English and Greek language for those who learn Greek as a foreign language in language centers of abroad. The seminars take place in Athens and in Santorini and their program consists of presentations, projections and tours in selected places.
  • We operate the Multicultural Center Cosmos of Culture where we organize exhibitions, presentations, art workshops, seminars and nights with ethnic music.
  • We organize with success every year the "African Panorama" and the "Afro Caribbean Music Festival" that is held in the summer, in an open space for two days and is very popular to young people.
  • We are planning to operate a Day Care Center with the name: "African House - Day Care and Informational Center for Parents and Children" for children from the African countries mostly (but without excluding others who might be interested) with the thought that this is one of the poorest migrant population group in Greece. This is aiming to a) create a Center of Consulting and Supporting the parents for issues that concern them and b) for the acquaintance of the children, through special games and activities, with the Greek Culture and Greek language.

Activities by Cosmos of Culture

1. Cosmos of Culture participates in both international Art Labs in Munich.
  • January 07 - March 07. The first ArtLab will be held in the Villa Waldberta and Evangelia Basdekis, an interesting artist and performer will join the other artists for a duration of two months working together to design the graphic identity of the project.
  • July 07 - September 07. Evangelia Basdekis as well as another Greek artist Stefanos Pavlakis will attend the second ArtLab collaborating with other artists to work on a synthesis concerning the journey.

2. 29 September - 13 October 2007 Photo and Painting Exhibition - Conference
Cosmos of Culture's main activity will be held in Athens.
Cosmos of Culture will develop and organize a photographic installation that documents and reflects the entire project, focusing especially on the journey. Furthermore, it will introduce the artists and their work to the audience. In combination with the main exhibition, it will organize a team painting exhibition of migrant artists to emphasize that: even if their lives are complicated and most of them work in jobs irrelevant with their talent this does not stop their creativity.
The opening will be accompanied by a one-day conference on the experiences made during the journey.
The programme aims at boosting the local scene and raising awareness for the need to deal with diversity in a creative way.
  • To raise awareness at the local citizens on the social relevance of the subject of migration
  • To spread the impact of the project geographically (i.e. reach local community of Athens)
  • To encourage activity among the migrant community in Athens

Target Group:
- General public
- The migrant community in Athens