12. - 30. September 2007
creative conflict

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Opening on Wednesday, 12 September 2007, at 5pm in the Rathausgalerie/Projektraum

opening hours: Thursday - Sunday, 12am until 7pm

The exhibition "Carambolage" reflects various diverging artistic approaches and perspectives focussing the topic of "migration" - as well as existing converging aspects, leading to the momentum of "carambolage". This could be both a clash of cultures and a trigger for new movements. Such trigger is one major aspect of the project "open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions" that managed to create an extensive European artistic network. A deployable truck served as a mobile stage for exhibitions and performances as well as a place for encounters. Through its trip it was possible to create links between the cities of Munich, Vienna, Prague, Liverpool and Marseilles. Athens was a kind of virtual stop; it is part of the project even tough the truck did not go there in real. An important part of the project, however, was the "artists in residence" programme held at Villa Waldberta, the City of Munich's international house of artists, together with artists from the home cities of our international partners. The artistic output of their stay included drawings, performances, films, texts and acoustic as well as performative happenings on public places.

With: Judith Egger, Eleanor Hawkridge, Sean Hawkridge, Martin Janícek, Edgar Lliuya, Hamish McLain, Olivia Moura, Stefanos Pavlakis, Kai-Oi Jay Yung, Tomáš Žižka.
Collaboration: Paul Huf

Artistic director: Judith Egger

Admission free!

Marienplatz 8
80331 München

U3/U6 and S-Bahn: exit Marienplatz