27 September 2007
salon m'unique presents
Elsewhere - longings, aspirations: a topography
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Exhibition, salon, bar and music

On Thursday, 27 September 2007 at 8pm in the Monacensia

For one evening the Monacensia will be transformed into a place of motives on longings and aspirations. Isabel Kienemann interviewed well-known and interesting writers, journalists, photographers, artists and musicians about their own ideas of longings, their sound, their appearance. Over 100 artists found their very individual answers to this question about longings by means of stories, texts, photography, soundtracks and video installations. In the process, a kind of atlas of another side of life can be developed, reflecting and evoking to a certain extent a parallel version through the viewers' eyes - their longings and aspirations.
The range of these motives on longings is wide - the perspectives vary in line with the different personalities.
Answers are given by writers such as Albert Ostermaier, Thomas Meinecke, Georg M. Oswald, Jürgen Ploog or Thomas Palzer - authors like Asta Scheib, Juli Zeh, Eva Demski, Larissa Beham and Julia Zange with texts, excerpts and motives on their own longings.
We received replies and feed back from Willy Winkler from the Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as Heike Faller, editor of the Zeitmagazin, Dirk von Gehlen and Caroline von Lowtzow from jetzt.de, the play writer Polle Wilbert as well as the director Jorinde Dröse.
There will be photographic works by Maxim Biller and a video work by Schorsch Kamerun. The fashion photographer Thomas Nützel, die photographer Donata Wenders, Thomas Dashuber and Elias Hassos, Sonja Junkers, Stephan Rumpf or Gabriela Neeb created picture series to be shown as projections.
Pop musicians from the Hamburg scene such as ÉROBIQUE compose their sounds of aspiration. Classical motives, as from Peter Clemente, the virtuosic violinist, are part of one of these installations.
Hans Platzgumer will present texts as well as sound installations and there will be the composers PollYester, Murena or Gerd Baumann ("Wer früher stirbt ist länge tot") as well as Carl Oesterheld alias Carlofashion (FSK).
The artist Benjamin Bergman will contribute his work on longings and aspirations and the young Swedish artist Bo Christian Larsson will create an installation together with Johanna Halem.

The Monacensia, located in the Hildebrandhaus, is the literary memory of the city of Munich. This former home of the 'Artist Prince' and sculptor Adolf von Hildebrand holds today more than 280 literary remains of renowned writers and artists who had lived in Munich. Until today, this mansion on the Bogenhausen edge of the Isar has kept and preserved its original atmosphere of a private artistsą house. The former salon of the house will become an archive of longings and aspiration: a place for contemplation, reading, listening, a chat at the bar.

Artistic director: Isabel Kienemann

Admission free!

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