6 July 2007
"& hello" (welcome party)
  welcome party

welcome party

welcome party
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On Friday, 6 July 2007, 5-9pm, Pasinger Fabrik

With: Evangelia Basdekis (Athen), Judith Egger (München), DJ Explizit (München), Martin Janícek (Prag), Edgar Lliuya (Wien), Inge Vogt (München), Christiane Gentsch (München), Theräs Reich (Berlin) u.a.

In the context of the programme "Ortstermine" of the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich, in cooperation with Monacensia, the City of Munich's literary archive, Villa Waldberta, the City of Munich's international house of artists and the Pasinger Fabrik GmbH.

After being on tour for almost 2 months, the truck returns to Munich with another invitation to a party at a public location. Visitors will be able to inspect the mobile archive with its treasures and experiences collected en route. There will be music, films, photo documentaries and another "Ortsterrine" - this time, however, with foreign tastes!

In the context of the programme "Ortstermine", the City Munich promotes free art in the public space. To this end, the City of Munich is making public places available to artists of different cultural domains to experiment and design.


More information under www.ortstermine-muenchen.de.

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