10 February 2007
Ponybar in the lothringer13/laden presents:
"open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions" - Part 1
   Olivia Moura
© Olivia Moura
On Saturday, 10 February 2007 at 8pm in the lothringer13/laden
The artists of the EU-project introduce themselves.

With: Eleanor Hawkridge (Liverpool), Sean Hawkridge (Liverpool), Edgar Lliuya (Vienna), Hamish McLain (Liverpool)

Artists involved in the EU-project 'open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions' are staying at the Villa Waldberta, the City of Munich's international house of artists, from January to March 2007.
Four members of this group of artists are introducing themselves at the Ponybar in the lothringer13/laden on Saturday, 10 February at 8pm: Eleanor Hawkridge (Liverpool) will be showing a video about unexpected moments of timelessness in everyday life, Sean Hawkridge (Liverpool) will be talking about his latest performance at Basle's Mühlhaus airport, Edgar Lliuya (Vienna) is showing a performance of 'la virgin visitador' and Hamish McLain (Liverpool) is going to surprise the guests.