January until March 2007
ArtLab 1
  ArtLab 1

ArtLab 1
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At the Villa Waldberta, the City of Munich's international house of artists.

With: Evangelia Basdekis (Athens), Eleanor Hawkridge (Liverpool), Sean Hawkridge (Liverpool), Olivia Moura (Marseilles), Edgar Lliuya (Vienna), Hamish McLain (Liverpool), Theräs Reich (Berlin), Kai-Oi Jay Yung (Liverpool), Tomáš Žižka (Prag).

Artistic director: Judith Egger (Munich)

All the artists invited in January 2007 take part in the EU-project 'open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions', which approaches the theme of migration in a predominantly playful and experimental way. Current developments in Europe are considered a constructive challenge to participate actively and creatively in shaping social change. The idea is, through the interdisciplinary link-up in this EU-project of very varied art forms, to create networks beyond the usual demarcation lines of categorization and thus introduce new models for European cooperation. Starting in May 2007, a specially-equipped truck leaves Munich on a trip that takes in all the European cities involved in the project - after Munich, it will stop in Vienna, Prague, Liverpool and Marseilles before returning to Munich; Athens is taking part virtually. Artistically- and performance-based events on the theme of migration will be taking place in every city along the way. Before and after the events, artists from the cities involved will be working on the project in two ArtLabs for three months each at the Villa Waldberta. In addition to the Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich, other co-organizers and partners are Soho in Ottakring (Vienna), Divadelní Ústav (Prague), Metal Culture (Liverpool), Cola Production (Marseilles) and Cosmos of Culture (Athens).

More information under www.villa-waldberta.de.