Sean Hawkridge (Liverpool)    Olivia Moura
© Olivia Moura
The artist and curator completed his visual arts degree at Liverpool in 2004. He likes to play with everyday situations, taking them to unsettling extremes, for example by means of undercover pieces. Interaction and communication with the audience are very important to him, and he often challenges traditional values and relationships. In 2006, he presented two of his creations at the Liverpool Biennial. Sean Hawkridge manages the Royal Standard, a former 1950s-style pub which now houses 15 workshops and an innovative gallery with an exhibition programme aimed at encouraging artists to develop and setting up a national and international artists' community.

Statement Sean

Sean Hawkridge is an artist and curator based in Liverpool. His practice is often concerned with the notion of progress, and how it draws a line through adventure, relationship, accident, decay and comfort. Seeking to provide a crosscurrent in the daily grind, his work consistently involves an act of grace, a sleight of hand or an undercover action as an invitation to reconsider, to look up.

When the great political and social issues of the day are placed in context, migration can be seen as a constant and natural phenomenon - from flocks of swallows to great disapearing herds of wildebeast, from epic lonely hummingbird migrations to personal journeys for love and escape, everything needs to move from less hospitable places to somewhere that isn't home. For 'open here: consTRUCKtions - conNEXTions' Sean will be following the truck across Europe using various postal systems, much like Florentino Ariza followed Fermina Daza on her fathers' journey to destroy their relationship in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 'Love in the time of Cholera'. Each item will be sent in the hope that somehow the truck might cross its path, drawing many individuals into relationship with the project along the way, and each item that arrives will be added to the growing archive of the truck.