Evangelia Basdekis (Athens)    Olivia Moura
© Olivia Moura
The Greek performance artist does not go easy on herself when - often making full use of her body - she tests her audience's limits as well as her own. Basdekis, who was born in Athens in 1972, finished her visual arts degree at Lincoln University in Great Britain in 2003 and is presently on an artsadmin scholarship. She has participated in numerous festivals and exhibitions by individual artists and groups in various countries including England, Argentina, Russia, USA, Israel, Japan, Germany, Turkey and Greece presenting her body-art, which is often spiced with ribald humour and (self-deprecating) irony and some of it caught on video. Basdekis is also a founding member of "group cARTel", a non-profitmaking organisation for artists in Greece that actively tries to establish a new understanding of art via a public beyond the usual arts scene and the galleries.

Statement Evangelia

Is it possible for a work of art to upset the establishment?
My work based on those questions that are raised by the position of the artist in contemporary society, his part in it and the power of his work regarding his audience.

Here you find an article about her Mona Lisa-performance at the 'Ponybar in the lothringer13/laden' on 17 March 2007: www.untitledmag.co.uk (*CHOOSE THE OPTION "your voice" *from the left column of the page)