Eleanor Hawkridge (Liverpool)  
The British artist, who was born in 1981, studied film, performance and installation for three years at the University of Wales. She then went on in 2003 to start training in art management. Since then she has worked as a project manager at the Liverpool Biennial and in various galleries, most recently as director and curator of the Arena Gallery in Liverpool. Together with her husband Sean Hawkridge, she manages the Royal Standard, a studio cum gallery cum social workspace in Liverpool. Eleanor Hawkridge's multidisciplinary creations, which often play with metaphorical and symbolistic elements, have to date been presented in exhibitions for individual artists and groups in England and Finland. Eleanor and Sean Hawkridge will document their stay at the Villa Waldberta on their website http://liverpoolartlab1.blogspot.com

Statement Eleanor

I'm currently investigating the idea of the 'blog' as a window on a narrative; and how people present their lives through prolific 'blogging' - edited and woven together. These documents become intimate journeys through mediated lives, presenting hopes and fears, joys and beauty through a mixture of self-revelation and purposeful self-representation. They seem to simultaneously demonstrate who we are, and who we want to be. They allow us to choreograph life.

Alongside these ideas I'm looking at the portrait photography of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) with particular interest in their posed representations of life in a Hopper-esque theatricality.

I'm working on a video triptych based on these premises, as a migration through discrete moments in life.